August 24, 2011

New Gamma World novel by Paul Kidd

"Red Sails in the Fallout" is a delightful read with accessible characters, witty dialogue and... um - a hive-minded entity comprised of giant earwigs.

     I know, I know! How much fun is that, right? Well, actually I was a little grossed out when Brad brought the book home and he told me about that character. Then he put the book down. Ha! Books left out - alone!  -on the coffee table (or any table, for that matter...) are fair game around these parts. I picked it up Sunday morning...and finished it 11pm Monday night! It was an awesomely fun ride. I liked the main characters Zoota and Shaani, Wig-wig and Budgie (don't let him fool ya- that's one smart aleckie bird!), but I think Rustle is my fav- who wouldn't love a sentient plant that sleeps in a bucket of compost?
     Gamma Terra is an interesting idea- not a post-apocalyptic world in the usual sense of the word, I giggled every time Shaani found her newest mutation, and the use of omega-beer as a catalyst for Zoota's was hysterical as well. I also really got into the landscape descriptions- the desert view opening makes it sound really pretty, in a every-man-for-herself kind of way. And the flora and fauna ideas are real brain twisters- in a good way. How do frogs come to grow to giant size and talk, anyway?
     "Red Sails" was a lot of fun to read: fast paced action guiding the plot throughout; good dialougue; smart mouthed wise-guy earwigs, this book has it all. And a fun tie-in to this weeks' home game. All  in all I rate this book-


  1. I've enjoyed the humor throughout the opening chapters, particularly the way Shaani is a "lab rat" and therefore capable of understanding and using found technology with endless optimism. The fact that she drinks tea and speaks with an affected English accent adds to the charm as well. The game of the same name was an interesting experiment but a bit more lethal than the novel. That didn't stop us all from laughing every time a new mutation came up, though!

  2. Sounds great! (I'm beginning to suspect that hanging around is going to make my to read list grow to astounding proportions. And that's excellent.)


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