August 27, 2011

Fast and easy recipes for any day of the week

     My wonderful husband bought me a book this summer that I have checked out from the library at least a million times. Maybe a gazillion. "Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home" is written by the Moosewood Collective, which is basically the cooks at the Moosewood restaurant in Ithaca, New York. And yes, it is a vegetarian cookbook. But it has recipes for refried beans! And cauliflower soup! Greek spinach frittata! Honey mustard vinagrette!
     Tasha says enough with the exclamation marks, mama. I say I really like this cookbook. It has lots- maybe tons- of good, wholesome, basic recipes for things like vegetable side dishes, salad dressings (not to mention really yummy salad ideas), pasta dishes, breakfast yumminess, and easy, delicious desserts. Dessserts? eww, yucky vegetarian tofu weirdness you say. I say, um, no... scrumptious desserts like Baked Marsala Peaches, Maple Walnut Sundae, Tropical Fruit Salad, and Moosewood Fudge Brownies. Oh yeah, I said brownies people! I told you I've checked it out a gazillion times, didn't I?
     "Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home" is a great start for learning about vegetarian cooking, or just finding a new side dish for dinner, or even just something to snack on late in the afternoon. Find it at your local library.

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