October 10, 2011

I'm under a dragon's spell . . .

     Found a lovely new book this month, and devoured it in less than a week! Okay, I know that is a long time to be devouring something, but it was so good I wanted to make it last. Donita K. Paul's "DragonSpell" is a great book full of  adventure, magic, dragon's (squee!) and good, solid storytelling.
     I flipped through the book in the bookstore and got hooked on the scene in Granny Noon's house. No spoilers! (It's awesome! If you liked "On the Banks of  Plum Creek, you will LOVE this)
     The imagery is lovely in this book- I love when an author really creates their "world", allowing me to get lost in the details of it. I consider a book to be a good read when I can wander away from reality and get caught up in the characters in a book.
     The cast of characters in "DragonSpell" is not too large, either. Sometimes authors get carried away populating their work, but this one is just right. The protagonist encounters lots of varied peoples along her journey, with enough description to illustrate them without them taking over the story. Perfect!
     "DragonSpell" was just what I needed to kick off the Fall season- a comfortable journey full of adventure, self-discovery, magic and dragons!

*Disclaimer- I love dragons, so this is a biased report.


  1. Sounds great! You've certainly convinced me to add it to my list. :) (Fantasy and Little House books? That sounds too good to be true!)

  2. I know! Hmm... I should review the Little House books sometime!


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