September 30, 2011

Grand Opening

Popping in today with a quick announcement- I have decided to make this a public blog. Next week's posting will go live over the internet.

Just to be clear- I will be unlocking this blog next week: you will no longer be required to have an invitation to view it and all comments will be seen by anyone viewing the website.

If you do need to reach me confidentially, please send me an email through my home address.

Thanks for reading my blog! It has been a wonderful experience reaching out to you all and sharing what I read. Joanna and Brad have made the majority of the comments, which leads me to believe they are the only two people reading this, and that makes me feel funny about keeping this a "private" blog. I speak with them or exchange emails with them almost every day (and I see Brad every day, anyway!) so it feels kinda weird to create a blog for just the two of them to read. I spend a lot of time writing these posts, and would like to see if they do as well as my other blog out in the wide world net. I had originally created this blog to serve as a kind of bookclub, but it hasn't been successful in that vein, so I am removing that give-and-take aspect of the blog out of the concept and when I did that, it was just another blog I write. I enjoy writing it, but it's very one-sided as it stand right now, so I'd like to see if I can drum up some business and get a "customer base" for the Bookshelf.

If you have been lurking- thanks for reading my words!
If you have been posting- you are awesome, thank you sooo much for encouraging me in this!
And if you liked what you saw so far, just wait til next week's posting . . .

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  1. Makes sense. I'm sorry that things haven't quite turned out how you wanted. :(

    Good luck taking the blog public!


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