August 14, 2011

Tasha's garden

     Yes, yes- I am posting a review before Friday...I was just so excited about the new blog this morning that I just had to write something for it! So, here we go-
      I read a book this month that I found immensely interesting- Tovah Martin's "Tasha Tudor's Garden". Tovah wrote the most glorious gardening articles for "Victoria" magazine during its' first run in the 90's. "Tasha Tudor's Garden" is laid out by month, with beautiful pictures of the areas being described on the adjoining pages. Winter scenes punctuated by dark, skeletal tree; springtime fantasies of delicious fluffy flowers of every color imaginable- it is a heavenly book to read, particularly in the heat of the summer, when everything is dusty, dry and brown.
     I had ordered it from the library about the same time Deede and I went out to the Summer's Past Farm in Flynn Springs a few weeks ago- truly an inspiring place to spend a summer afternoon. Can't wait to go back this fall for their pumpkin patch. There is nothing quite like the serendipitous moment of walking into a scene from a book you've recently read! It was magical. I hope everyone gets a chance to get a peek at this charming book. 


  1. I can affirm that Tasha Tudor's books are beautiful to look at and have seen many as my wife has scoured the local library collections to enjoy as much of her work as she can.

  2. Lol- thank you Brad! (Don't let him fool you everyone- he finds the books for me, too! )


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